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CO2 mineralization and circular economy

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Carbon Direct Removal

is a necessary objective to limit the rise in temperatures to +1.5°C 

This involves an unprecedented convergence of efforts.

Problems :

Atmospheric CO2 is very diluted and capturing it is expensive.

Once captured, it must be sequestered. Very often, there is an unfortunate stop at this phase for distributed capture plants.

Our solution : CO2 mineralization ecosystems 

Carborok develops, builds and operates biogenic CO2 capture units in recycled concrete and other materials, via proprietary technology.

Carborok also offers its innovative solutions and services to industrialists for Carbon Removal and Sequestration

CO2 Mineralization

Certain materials have the property of reacting with CO2 to form stable chemical compounds. This reaction takes place without adding energy, but it requires special conditions;

Among these materials: recycled concrete, ashes and some industrial wastes allow us to mineralize CO2 and sequester it over long periods of time. 

Carbonation of materials can also improve their properties

Our Story

Carborok is a team of engineers motivated to fight against climate change.

After several years in innovative low carbon technologies and energy efficiency​, we decided to pool our skills and expertise to develop a solution for trapping CO2 by mineralization.

A spin-off of the engineering and consulting company VOLTIGITAL, Carborok is based in Nantes and has its own workshops and laboratory.

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Construction industry players

Biogenic and atmospheric CO2 emitters



Our technological solutions use the properties of certain materials to react with CO2 to form stable compounds.

At carborok, we develop industrial processes and reactors to sustainably sequester CO2 in recycled concrete, ashes or some industrial wastes.

Pressure, temperature, particle size, residence time, chemical reactions... are at the heart of our daily R&D work.

In partnership with research laboratories and manufacturers, we are creating new solutions to implement the removal and local sequestration of CO2.

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